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We can help you in optimizing your website and get it climb the ladders of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Kanoodle etc.

eCommerce solution!

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Elegant Systems is a customer centric company with its primary focus of working with the customers to give them the desired satisfaction level. The team at ESPPL plan their work in such a manner where the customers form an essential component of their job execution. We keep the customers in the loop so that they are updated of the job and work in close synchronization with each other. Rather than treating the customer as an outsider, ESPPL treats them as a part of their family.

Principal services include
  1. Website Design and Development
  2. eCommerce Portals
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Customized Management Information Systems
  5. Restaurant Management System
  6. Lead Management System
  7. E-CRM

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
There are hardly any businesses which do not want more business and more business means more customers and volume of work. To achieve the same they need their website to be listed in the first page of major search engines like google which can be achieved through Search Engine Optimization. SEO is cost effective and can change the way businesses are advertised as it leads to increased visibility of website and hence more leads and customers.

Management Information System [MIS]
Information is the key to business. Think of it that you have scattered information for your business which is lying in heaps of paper – you need some information, you call up your colleagues and assistants who take considerable time in giving you one piece of information. What do you do – you feel frustrated and what are the repercussions? Your business suffers – Why? Due to the sole reason that having that piece of meaningful information would have enabled you to take critical business decisions which can change the way you do business.

We offer customized MIS for various businesses. We work with the customers in offering them the required IT solutions through database oriented MIS which streamlines and organize their business. Businesses cannot afford to be scattered and needs to be organized to produce results where their daily needs are automized for a better work productivity. Our process is simple which is illustrated below:

  1. Get requirement specifications from the client.
  2. Understand their business process and current problems.
  3. Offering IT solutions in the form of MIS.
  4. Make prototype screens for the client to understand how the business process flow will take place in the system.
  5. On confirmation, proceed with the MIS development and deployment.

eCommerce Portals Technology drives have changed the way businesses were done and online shopping has become the most convenient way to shop. Big departmental stores like Tesco and Sainsbury have shown the way by incorporating their online shopping divisions. It is important for all the small, medium and big scale businesses to incorporate online sales and services which helps them to boost sales.Elegant Systems is fully equipped and have already deployed eCommerce portals all over the globe. It is simple, user friendly system where the customers can visit a site, view the product and services being offered and make an online purchase. It is highly secure and convenient way of increasing sales as people hardly have the time to go personally and shop. They can be located anywhere, in their offices or homes and the goods will be delivered at their doorstep.

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